Friday, December 14, 2012

Lace Wedding Cake

I've done a gluten free cake before and I've done a dairy free cake before, but this is the first time I've done a gluten free and dairy free cake.  Fortunately this could have eggs.  It is a chocolate cake with a cookies & cream filling.  It has tofutti cream cheese and gluten free cookies.  The cake is made straight from a mix because I have no idea how to make a cake without flour.  The verdict: The cake is pretty good.  Different texture, more dense, more moist and different flavor, but I liked it.  The tofutti does not have a strong flavor like cream cheese so it didn't balance out the sugar like cream cheese does.  I think it left the frosting too sweet.  The Sandwich cookies are good, but just don't have that signature oreo flavor.  Overall, not bad.  It's nice that this option is available for those who can't have gluten or dairy, but I do prefer flour and oreos.

P.S. if anyone has suggestions on how to get those little jewels to sparkle in a picture like they do in real life I'd love to hear it.  In my pictures they end up looking like dark spots.  I took this picture outside on a cloudy day and it was the best I could get.

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  1. Wow. Wow. I may have a few YW from my ward who come looking for you when the time comes for them to get married...I have a hard enough time trying to find simple gluten and lactose free snacks for them, let alone a wedding cake!! Wow. Nice job.