Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweet 16 Party Dress Cake

Ok, I didn't like the picture I took with the blue background, so I painted the background black.  Not the best photoshop job (because I don't have real photoshop) but I think better than the blue.
Here's the one in blue

I was asked to do a Sweet 16 birthday cake but already had a wedding cake scheduled for this weekend.  But, when I saw the amazing cake she wanted me to do how could I resist.  I love a challenge and better yet, I love an amazing cake.  Click here to see the original cake I copied.
This is a vanilla cake with a whipped cream cheese filling and measures about 3 feet tall.

Here's how I started: The base is actually an upside down wooden cake pedestal.

Lots and lots of gumpaste roses.  Gumpaste is easier to work with than fondant for roses.

Here's the cake at the actual party.  It was so stressful to deliver.  The whole way I thought it was going to fall over or the pedestal was going to break.


  1. What did you use for the bust on this cake?

  2. How many people will the cake feed and what is the dimensions of the cakes ?