Monday, August 17, 2009

BYU Lavell Edwards Stadium

My husband's birthday was coming up and I knew I would have to make him something fabulous. He is a very big BYU Football fan so what better than Lavell Edwards Stadium? Unfortunately, it was a very busy couple of days and I only had 3 1/2 hours to do his cake. I did the field and baked and cut the cake the day before, but everything else had to be done after church and before scout committee meeting.

The field was a frozen frosting transfer. There's no cake under the frosting, I just put it on a piece of cardboard. Notice on the West end zone the fans are in rows, but on the East side they are scattered. I should have just sprinkled them all on and used the time I had left for finishing touches on the cake.

When time is short, it's the details that suffer. I had some fabric covered florist wire I was going to shape into goal posts for the field. I was also going to make the scoreboards for the north and south end zones. They were going to be frozen frosting transfers on sugar cookies. I also wanted to do the access ramps in the 4 corners.

The two elevator shafts are made from a giant pixie stick straw. Time was up so I couldn't smooth the frosting like I wanted and I didn't get a bottom border done.

And Here's the Birthday Boy. Happy Birthday Jonathan. I love you.

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  1. Your cakes are just plain awesome! I was googling for some ideas on a Cake for my son's upcoming birthday and landed on this page. I enjoyed watching various designs & hats off to your artistic skills!!!