Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chef in the Kitchen Cake

I love this cake. I found a picture online but it had no directions or details. I had to make it up as I went along. It took a long time to do because of all the detail work, but it came out far better than I expected. Brady is a caterer and owns Greenhollow catering in Provo. He makes some pretty spectacular stuff so when his wife asked if I would do his cake, I knew it had to be pretty cool. Usually I beg people to let me do their cake for them so I can get the practice, but Carol asked me to do this one. Thank you for the confidence.

The little chef man is made completely out of fondant and is edible if you can stomach fondant. The cake is covered in fondant, all the details on the cake are fondant. I think my favorite part is the little wooden spoons. I had a handle over the basket, but it broke. I thought about putting an oven on the side of the cake too, but I ran out of time. Can anyone guess what the pink stuff in the pot is supposed to be???

And here you see the cute plaid pants the chef is wearing. Believe it or not I had to hand sculpt the chef without a pattern. Dangerous territory for me I know. I did look up online what a chef coat should look like. The floor is yellow cake with chocolate frosting and white chocolate tiles on top.

I really need to work on my backgrounds when I take these pictures. The bags of chips in the background were for Brady's birthday party that night. Angie, thank you for letting us invade your house.


  1. You are a machine!!! This cake looks amazing!

  2. you really are amazing Deb!!! I think you need to be on Ace of Cakes for the West coast!!

  3. I loved this one the best! When I first walked in i was like wow, where did carol get that cake? And then as soon as i thought that I was like oh my goodness I think Deborah did that! CRAZY!!!! So so good deborah. AND it tasted delicious!