Friday, June 7, 2013

Making Rose Petals

I was told I should put pictures on here of how I make things at various stages, but when I'm working, I don't really like to stop, wash my hands and find my camera, but I think she has a point.  So much of what I do I've learned from other posts and they do a great job of documenting step by step instructions.  Here's my attempt at showing a rose.
Ok, I didn't take pictures of making the rose centers. has a pretty good instruction guide on how to make the center of a rose, but the outer petals I like to look a little different than theirs.  Follow their instructions for the middle of the rose then just put 2 petals on. (I should have a picture of this step, but I don't. sorry.)
For the outer petals, cut a 5 petal flower, or just cut a teardrop shape in your fondant.  Smooth the edges witha  ball tool and drape over a teaspoon.  I like to curl the petals outward and put a few light crimps in them to give the petals more shape.


Ok, I have an airbrush, but I realize this is not a common household appliance.  The good news, is you can buy spray color in an aerosol can, the bad news is you can't mix colors to get the exact one you want.  Still, the sprayed effect is really stunning on flowers.  Don't coat the whole petal.  Spray from the outside with a light coat.  You just want to hilight the edges.  The spray should be subtle.  Color deepens as it sits so keep that in mind too.

As soon as you spray the petals, put them on the flowers.  If you wait too long they won't be flexible at all and will be more dificult to put on.  After I make a rose core, I put on a layer of 3, then 5.  If I do another layer, I do 5 again.

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