Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eagle Scout Court of Honor Cake

Scout rank advancement badges. Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star & Life. This time I made the badges a slightly different color than the background and trimmed them in gold. These took about 3 hours for all 6. All cut by hand. No cookie cutters here.
Chocolate molds for the fleur de lis. This was the easiest side of the cake.
I was asked to make another Eagle Court of Honor Cake. This time I didn't have a wedding cake to do at the same time. I made the rank advancement badges out of fondant instead of frosting which made them look much cleaner, but took a lot longer. I tried a new cake flavor too. Cookies and cream cake. Usually I make chocolate cake and fill it with cream cheese icing loaded with Oreos, but this time I made a white cake loaded with Oreos and filled it with cream cheese icing loaded with Oreos. It was a hit. I should start taking pictures of what the cake looks like cut.


  1. As the mother of one of the Eagle Scouts, I can only say the cake was breathtaking. The detail in the badges, down to the gold stitching around the perimiter, was unbelievable. The children coming through the food line were excited to get a badge or a fleur de lis. It tasted wonderful, too.
    Thank you, Deborah.

  2. Need to order cake for my son's eagle court of honor please need your informations. His court of honor is on April. Please help!

  3. Where are yo u located? I would like to order a cake from you, for my Eagle Scout. His ceremony is in Oct.