Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boy Scout Eagle Award cake

I told myself I wouldn't do 2 cakes at the same time. It's too hard, but I had to make an exception. If you know me, I am a fan of the scouting program and our cubmaster's son was getting his Eagle award along with 4 of his cousins. They had to have a nice cake to celebrate with. This cake and the ivory cake following had to be finished on the same day so I could take my kids camping.
Everything you see here is edible. The topper is a sugar cookie painted with gold airbrush color and the Eagle and banner are rolled fondant painted with silver airbrush color then hand piped on with black frosting.
These colors look a little washed out here. I'm going to blame the lighting and my lack of being able to take a perfect picture. Just imagine them as looking amazing and you will get the idea. The other two sides of the cake had the Scout motto and the names of the boys getting the awards, but my picture for that is really washed out as well.

See.... I promise in person you can read these white words on the scout shirt colored background. Here, they all sort of blend together. Again, imagine something amazing.

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