Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dirt Bike Cake

For those of you who know anything about dirt biking and motocross (which up until now I thought was motor cross), you know what a "whoops" is. Me, I thought it was what you said after an accident. So I get a request for a whoops cake. Thank heavens for google. For those of you like me who know nothing about this sport, a whoops is a series of bumps and jumps you take your dirt bike over, like so.
The person requesting this cake wanted a crash, and the rider in a hospital bed all bandaged up. Here's what I put together.
To make it look more like a crash my husband said I should brake the bike in two. After all that work making a dirt bike I didn't want to brake it in two. It hurt my feelings to think about it, but ultimately I thought he was right.

Sigh.... I like to think this little rider (I call him Greg) is thinking: "That was awesome, how long before I can get back on my bike?" Note to self. If wanting to put tire tracks in fondant, do it before the fondant hardens.


  1. Rad. Yup, I like how the bike is broken. Even though it probably took FOREVER to make. I would've been hesitant to break it too.

  2. That dirt bike cake is really nice. When I first saw the cake, I can already tell the story. Keep it up! Is the cake of dirt bike for sale?

  3. Wow. We provide EMS coverage for Moto-X events and this cake ... takes the cake! Great Job!