Friday, November 27, 2009

Elk Hunting Birthday Cake

I was asked to do a 60th birthday cake for someone who likes to hunt and fish. Here's what he is getting.

Here is a close up of the sleeping hunter.

And the elk that has found his birthday cake.

I find the irony in this cake hilarious. It turned out cute. The cake is carrot with a cream cheese filling. The elk I purchased at a toy store. The table is made from chocolate. This time I used royal frosting for the trees and it worked so much better.


  1. That is a GREAT cake. Creative and funny.
    It was fun to see .....
    MOM Call

  2. I love this cake! My son loves elk and I was googling elk cakes for his birthday. What a masterpiece!! Wish we were near you to order a cake (we are in Montana). :-)

  3. Deborah, I LOVE this cake!!! I'm your sister Mary's sister-in-law (my husband is Jared's older brother). I was looking for a cake idea for my husband's birthday (a few days before Mary's), and he LOVES hunting!! He's definitely a Kenney boy. I came across your blog and realized the connection. You are super creative. My friend and I are going to attempt to duplicate your beautiful cake. Any suggestions? Is it a kit-kat that you used for the table? How did you support it? I wish we lived closer to you in Utah so that you could make this cake for us!!

  4. yes please also let me know how you created the table (: