Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jackson and Grandpa

Jackson and Grandpa Call have birthdays one day apart so we had a double birthday party for them. I was privileged to make their birthday cakes, however I couldn't have done it without Mindy's help and sound advice. She is the one who made the boat and had suggestions for everything. I was quite pleased with the way this turned out.

The fisherman on the water with fish. Mindy found the fisherman doll. She also made a pattern and shaped the boat. I can't imagine trying to make him out of frosting. I thought the fish were very cute and the edge of the cake came out quite nicely. The boat was made out of tootsie rolls and the bottom edge is rock candy. I learned that if you have tootsie rolls stuck to a plate and can't get them off without ruining the shape, you put it in the freezer and it pops right off. Thank you Mindy yet again.

The Shark cake. This one was difficult because it had to be hand carved. I made a cake in a loaf pan then cut away everything that didn't look like fish to me. Once again, Mindy made the fins and mouth. They were made out of homemade fondant that we covered cardboard and popcicle sticks with. What would I have done without her..... As I was working with this cake, it started sagging in the front and back where I had cut away the shape of the fish. It made it look more like a whale than a shark, however, I am pleased it looked like it came from the sea

The shark looks better from the front. I loved his buggy eyes. Even though the fisherman has him on his hook, it looks like the shark has found lunch rather than the fisherman. I love a cake that makes you grin. :-)

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  1. This is my favorite because I helped make it! I want to live closer to you so we can make cakes all the time together.